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World Leader in Responsible Remarketing of Preowned Apple Computer Products

Our Story

MacGlobal has successfully provided quality remarketed computer products since 1994, and is continually proving to be the industry leader in the acquisition and sales of pre-owned computers and peripherals worldwide. Additionally, MacGlobal is continually focusing on customer satisfaction. It is essential that we responsibly, accurately and thoroughly test each and every piece of equipment we sell.

Our auditing process includes a 29-point diagnostic procedure to ensure our customers receive EXACTLY what they are expecting. Adhering to these standards allows us to enjoy a 99% success rate. Our 1% return rate is always met with customer satisfaction. With hundreds of thousands desktops and laptops sold, we are proud to say our customers are extremely satisfied and often become repeat customers.

MacGlobal utilizes informed and well educated staff who pride themselves on being environmentally conscious and practice responsible recycling. All computers deemed as “end of life” are assigned for recycling. Our team has partnered with designated, fully accredited recycling firms who responsibly destroy or recycle the product. The requirements of our recycling protocol
continues until every product takes on a new life.